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The QLA winners of 2016 in Northern Europe region.
19 Eyl 2017

Young researchers invited to enhance biodiversity in quarries

How can we make use of the special environment in industrial quarries in order to encourage richer wildlife and diverse flora? This question will be answered as the building material group HeidelbergCement is now launching the Quarry Life Award competition for the fourth time. Devamını oku

12 Eyl 2017

Quarries in the US & Canada also take part in the Quarry Life Award

We are proud to announce that 4 of our quarries in North America will join the Edition 2018. Devamını oku

25 Tem 2017

QLA 2018: submit your ideas to one of the two streams!

Being creative, promoting nature in quarries and winning up to 30.000 €? This is a package deal you can make by participating in the Edition 2018. Choose your stream, your category and submit your project proposal by 20 November 2017 on this website. Devamını oku

08 Haz 2017

A brochure to showcase the international winners from the Edition 2016

We are proud to present to you the projects of the Edition 2016 who made it to the international awards. All of these projects are fascinating – their initiators even more so. Take a look at them, and you will see the huge value of getting involved and making nature the biggest winner. Just get inspired! Devamını oku

22 May 2017

The Quarry Life Award 2018: HeidelbergCement запускает четвертый раунд конкурса, способствующего сохранению биоразнообразия

В четвертый раз группа компаний HeidelbergCement приглашает принять участие в международном научно-образовательном конкурсе the Quarry Life Award, нацеленном на инновационные подходы к изучению и продвижению биоразнообразия в карьерах, а также направленном на повышение осведомленности об экологии мест горных разработок. Нововведение четвертого раунда - это отдельное оценивание научных и общественных проектов. Devamını oku