Bozalan clay quarry is located in Ezine, Çanakkale, Turkey. The permitted mining area is about 100 Ha. Yearly production of the Bozalan clay quarry is 1.7 Million tons. Here, this project is based on closure and the reclamation planning of the quarry while restoring the ecological value of the affected area.

The main objectives of the project can be listed as, rehabilitation of the area while putting emphasis on aethetics and biodiveristy of the quarry site, sustaining the physical and chemical stability, providing a benefitial final land use for the local community as giving a sense of environmental consciousness to them.Finally, assuring the sustainability of the community while increasing the prestige and good reputation of the company is also a key concept for the project.

In order to reach this aim, first the baseline study will be carried out in social, environmental and quarrying related aspects. The land use and land cover maps of the are for before and druing minin periods will be developed by using satallite and aerial photos. Then a chage analysis will also be performed to investigate the potential disruption related to the land use and land cover. Additionally, available data for toporaphy, natural resources and reserves and social and economical environment will be obtained from NGO's and governmental organizations. Then alternative post mine landuses will be determined and final decision will be made based on cost and preference of local people as well as experts' recommendations on biodiversity aspects. According to agreed post mine use the close and reclamation plan will be established.