This project is designed to create the connection between nature and people by involving them in a local nature restoration project. The project has two main parts in which people start with discovering the area and learn about the environmental issues and basic field work skills on technical level and in the second step people would be challenged to participate in ongoing restoration projects and outdoor activities by taking observational data about the local flora and fauna with several mediums like bird watching or city-farming.

The participants should be chosen from the local schools and neighboring districts to the area, to make it easier for them to appropriate and feel responsible later on as well.

As a first step, educational seminars should be organized in schools and community centers about environmental and biological subjects, training should be carried on by field trips to both example places like: Buyukcekmece Lake (with various species already existing due to the busy bird migration in Istanbul) and to the quarry area for natural projects and surveying.

Secondly, the participants should suggest new species to the existing plantation according to their previous observations, to be in harmony with the already existing natural species around the area. They would also prepare personal cultivation area to observe the growth and changes with fast-growing bushes or flowers as these would bring variety of invertebrates. All steps of the project should be recorded to keep track of the natural dynamics of the area.

Finally, all participants should make a presentation about their experience in a public event to share the awareness.