How can we make use of the special environment in industrial quarries in order to encourage richer wildlife and diverse flora? This question will be answered as the building material group HeidelbergCement is now launching the Quarry Life Award competition for the fourth time.

HeidelbergCement is actively looking for students and young researchers in the areas of biology, ecology and landscape architecture who want to be involved in further developing the industry’s work on biodiversity at sites where it has operations. In region Northern Europe there are opportunities for project or exam assignments at 8 quarries in Estonia, Norway and Sweden.

By involving students and young researchers, HeidelbergCement aims to enhance knowledge of the value of biodiversity in quarries and to show that the extraction of gravel, rock and limestone can be compatible with the conservation of nature values.

“We place great value on our partnership with the world of academia and research in these issues. It’s absolutely necessary for us as an industry operator to put these issues high on the agenda. Our material extraction and production must go hand in hand with a good local environment and a sustainable society,” says Giv Brantenberg, General Manager HeidelbergCement Northern Europe. 

Practical knowledge for the whole industry

Last year’s winners in the regional competition for Northern Europe were three budding biologists from Linnaeus University. Emma Svahn, Sandra Nilsson and Marcus Hall presented a proposal for the creation of wetlands to benefit nature at Cementa’s limestone quarry in Degerhamn on Öland. Their proposal can be applied to more locations, which means that they have contributed new, practical knowledge for the whole industry.

The Quarry Life Award takes place in more than 20 countries in Europe, Africa and Asia. Students, researchers and interest groups can participate by submitting an application and project outline by 20 November 2017 at the latest at The best suggestions will proceed, and field studies will be conducted during spring and summer 2018. The final reports will be submitted at the end of September 2018.

The best contributions are rewarded with up to 5,000 euros within the region and have an opportunity to proceed to the international competition with a prize of no less than 30,000 euros. The winners will be named in autumn 2018.

For further information, please contact Per Brevik, Director Sustainability, HeidelbergCement Northern Europe, tel.: +47 22 87 84 72, or Kajsa Hebeler, Project Manager Sustainability and coordinator of the Quarry Life Award Northern Europe, tel.: +46 721 673 230, Also visit

Students and teachers: To get a quick introduction and guidance for participation, please contact Kajsa Hebeler.