Aim of in this study is to remedy the quarry progresivy and create a naturalized landscape with ecological diversity. After  completion of the project the quarry area will be used for recreational purposes with incresed in community acess where a variety of habitats for aquatic plants, aquatic invertebrates, fish and crayfish and wildlife can be observed. 

In this occasion, we organise some field trips for secondary school student and university students for water analyses and bird observations in the study area.

Other Residents of Bozalan Quarry Wetland

After th last - crowd - visits with the university and secondary school students, we came again the Bozalan Clay Quarry Wetland to observe for the other "timid" residents as a core team of the project.

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Secondary School Students visited to Bozalan Clay Quarry

The students and their class teacher visited to the clay quarry of Bozalan Wetland in order to viewing the freshwater biodiversity and sampling of some chemical and physical water quality parameters as well as microbiological aspect.

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Before visit: preliminary information

Before visiting to Bozalan Clay Quarry Wetland preliminary information was given to secondary school students.

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Bozalan by laboratory

Laboratory studies including microbiological inoculations and identification of aquatic macroinvertebrates were performed.

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Setting bird's nests

In the field trip -the second visit to the study area-, we set up the bird's nests on different locaations surrounding and over the reed bed.

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The second visit on the study area

The second visit study carried out on 05 April 2018 in the Bozalan Quarry Wetland area accompanying by undergraduate master and Erasmus students of Çanakkale Onsekiz Mart University. Water quality (physico-chemical and microbiological) and Benthic macroinvertebrate samplings were carried out.

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The Biodiversity and Rehabilitation of Bozalan Clay Quarry Wetland Area

This study will be caried out in the Bozalan Clay Quarry wetland area in order to describe and develop of macroinvertebrate biodiversity, while detecting some aquatic or semi-aquatic vertebrate such as frog, fish, freshwater aquatic birds. Moreover, some water quality parameters will be measured in situ and bacteriological profile will be revealed by sampling. In order to rise students (secondary school, undergraduate and graduate students) awareness about artificial wetlands and its...

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