This project aims to assess quarry activities on biodiversity using bats as model species. Their diversity, feeding ecology and especially their species-specific echolocation calls that is dependent on the habitat they forage makes them ideal for assessing mining impacts on biodiversity. The project therefore aims at investigating how mining affects their foraging activities at the quarry site. To do this, the project will study bats in the various habitats at the quarry site. These sites will include the mining site, degraded forest and agricultural lands. Bat sampling would be carried out using mist-nets and acoustic surveys. Fieldwork will be done in both seasons to account for seasonal variability. At the end of the project, it is hoped that bats using the mining site would be known. Importantly, it is expected that the project would reveal how the mining activities is impacting on their foraging activities. The project also hopes to develop a bat call library, the first of its kind in Ghana for future acoustic monitoring surveys to be successful. 

Do you wish you were with us catching bats?

If you are watching my profile, then I guess the answer is definitely a yes. Don't worry because there is an answer for you. You can actually be with us in the field! This 6 minutes video is definitely the answer.

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Let's catch some bats

Our team sampled five species of bats during our first sample trip to the quarry. We had two insect eating bats and three were frugivorous.

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