Hello everyone,
In this post, we would like to show you what we are going to work on.
At first, we needed to get the permission for manipulating with endangered species, the equipment and find some more literature about the topic. After all this was done, we could continue our work. During my visit (Šimon unfortunately could not come) in the Planá sandpit I found a few interesting areas such as an old sedimenting pool or a small sand fraction depot we could use. In these localities, we will measure specific geophysical quantities that can influence organisms living in or on it. We will also catch and determine as many species as possible in our target Arthropod groups here. Later, we will match these species with specifical geological settings. Final step of our work will be interpretting our data, popularisation and presenting these information for as many interested and involved people as possible.

We believe, that if we manage to link specific geological aspects with occurance of rare species and valuable ecosystems we might be able to prioritize (in terms of protection) places with such aspects even before these biotops will originate in here. These sites can later provide suitable enviroment for endangered and valuable species (and for some of these even last refuges).

In the pictures you can see: Hyla arborea, Ranatra linearis, Myosurus minimus, Myrmeleon formicarius, Nomada sp., Rana temporaria, Lacerta agilis, Nepa cinerea, Natrix natrix.