Hello everyone,
Welcome on our Quarry life award blog. In this short post we would like to write some information about us to come to know us better.

My name is Jakub, I am 17 years old and I attend the Grammar school in Soběslav, just a few kilometers north of "our“ sandpit. I am interested in geology, wetland ecosystems ecology and batrachology. Last year, I worked on recultivation suggestions project focused on future sandpit in South Bohemia with closer look on amphibians. My work in our team is to do geological measurements, comunicate with you and help our biologist Šimon with collecting biological data.
My name is Šimon, I am 17 years old and I study at Malostranské Grammar school in Prague. I am interested in all invertebrates and plants but I like bugs, spiders, planthoppers and leafhoppers most. Besides “our“ sandpit, I currently carry out a faunistic research on a wet meadow near Prague. My job in our team is to collect, preserve and most importantly determine species found on our locatilities, later on I am going to interpret the results.