New year and new energy to start with the practical side of our project - that was the main idea of our meeting on 5th of January. Our team - Eelika Kiil, Magdaleena Männik, Annabel Runnel and Hele-Riin Juhkama was accompanied with our supervisors - Aveliina Helm, Tanel Vahter, Liis Kasari, Alar Rosentau and Merle Muru.
We discussed our further activities based on the feedback we got from the jury. To put our focus more on creating novel communities by using the help of mycorrhizal fungi, we have discussed an opportunity to really create experimental meadow area in Lõuna-Aru limestone quarry. This would give our project a real output and results for the final project.
After that we considered our budget and thought about project timeline - it seems we have so much time, but in reality, we need to use this time efficiently to take maximum of it.

After the meeting we scheduled our next visit to Aru-Lõuna, it will take place tomorrow, on 26th of January. We hope to get a lot of inspiration tomorrow!