Early in the morning two team members Eelika and Magdaleena with our supervisors Alar and Tanel started trip to Kunda. The aim of the visit was to discuss different locations in the quarry that would be suitable for experimental ground for our mycorrhiza method. We were welcomed by Riho Iskül, Allar Aamer and Riin Kruusimägi. Luckily, we were able to find the best place that was suitable for both our team and for Kunda Nordic. The land for our experiment will be placed on an elevated point in the quarry, so when after mining the quarry fills with water, it will be on an island. This would make the place even more appealing in the future meaning you would have to take a boat trip to visit and learn about the mycorrhiza project.
It was a fun day, we enjoyed our time there with welcoming people at Kunda Nordic. We are excited for the next steps.