Many insects are very small and hard to see and even harder to catch. Therefore, we need special tools to catch them. Our most important tool is a sweeping net which you can see in the second picture. Its use is simple – you basically just wave with it in grass or other plants and you wouldn’t believe how many insects you are going to catch. Then we pick them from the net using either special soft tweezers that don’t damage the insect or we suck them in a special small bottle using exhaustor (which you can see in the picture three). While using exhaustor, you put the pipe in your mouth, point the shorter pipe on insect you want to catch and suck the air out of bottle attached to it. Vacuum created in the bottle will suck the insect inside it - but don’t worry a layer of fine fabric placed on the other end of pipe you put in mouth will prevent the insect from flying in your mouth. After we collect the specimen, we kill them using ethyl acetate or 70% ethanol.
After determining collected specimen, we preserve them either in jars filled with ethanol (picture four) in case of spiders, or in special boxes (picture one and five) glued on little pieces of thick paper pinned in the box with entomological pins in the case of insects.
Another way, how to collect arthropods, is to put a cup (we use yoghurt cups - picture six) in the ground, fill it with salty water (that conserves the specimen until we collect them) and then wait until insects fall into it. Then we collect them.