The details of the land cover classes are Forest and trees land, these are the areas covered by forest or mature trees. They are important in carbon stocking as act as carbon sinks/pools by absorbing the carbon from atmosphere and store it.
Settlement/Buildings land is built up for residential, official and industrial utilities, and infrastructures. Are not of interest in carbon stocking because they emit heat and act as carbon sources.
Quarry and Bare Lands are areas that have no vegetation cover on these, also no buildings. These are of no significance in carbon stoking. They including on going quarried and the previous quarried areas that have not been rehabilitated.
Bushes/Scrubs Land these are areas which are left unattended. They may include the forested areas that were disturbed or natural areas with bush and shrubs. These are also important areas in carbon stoking as they have woody perennial vegetation.
Grassland is covered with grasses of various types. These are also of little importance in carbon stocking because the grasses are non woody annual vegetation which change their structure significantly with season, some can be easily burnt out by fire especially in the dry season.