Cu, 09/03/2018 - 13:51

This weekend, we have executed three types of vegetation nuclei:
Linear nuclei (hedgerow planting): hedgerows were once very common in traditional agricultural landscapes. they were used to make ownership boundaries and protecting the fields from livestock. Besides that, hedgerows provide several services for wildlife and even prevent soil loss, reduce pollution and regulate water supply. For all those reasons, we have included a 100 m long hedgerow in our project.
Dense nuclei of shrubs: in the middle of our planting area, we have included a dense nucleus with shrubs. The aim is to create a more effective shelter to fauna like partridges, in which shelter is essential especially when they are chicks.
Enrichment nuclei: in an area that looks like an old holm oak plantation (small plants in rows, all of them with the same age), we have randomly included native shrubs to increase habitat complexity.

Next week, we will start the seeding, using a specific mix of native species, conceived specifically to provide services to farmland birds.

See you soon!!