Common goldeneye (Bucephala clangula) is diving duck that nesting in hollows of tree trunks along the waterside. The quarry "Pechurki" is characterized with a favourable conditions for common goldeneye: large pond surrounded by forest. This bird species was observed here during last the Quarry Life Award contest by team of the project "Vertebrates of the quarry: current state and future trends for settlement of the territory", which recommended to provide additional artificial nests for various bird species on the quarry.
Our nest boxes are massive, constructed from wood boards boxes that will be put up on trees along the existing water pond banks. There is young (approximately 30 years old) pine forest on the quarry's territory and no any old trees with hollows that commonly used for nesting by goldeneyes. By putting up our boxes we can attract birds for nesting on the quarry and also show to society example of actions aimed on raising biodiversity of the local ecosystems. Constructing of nest boxes for such species as goldeneye is not common for Russia and not so much of people know how this bird looks like.
We used the scheme for nest boxes construction that was used in Russian nature reserves. They will be put up in the middle of April together with the staff of the company "CESLA".