Cu, 06/04/2018 - 09:36

We carried out our seeding experiment in an old crop field next to the quarry where we have establish our plantings. We are using a mixture of 14 different herbaceous species, all native to the area.
The first objective of this experiment is to evaluate the soil seed bank and the propagule dispersal affecting the area. The second objective is to evaluate seeding with native grasses to provide ecosystem services.
We will study richness and abundance of herbaceous species under three different treatments.
We have set up six experimental plots (5 x 1 m) with three treatments, each one of them with a control plot:

Seeding (without soil treatment)
Control (neither seeding nor soil treatment)

Seeding after removing the superficial layer of the soil (to eliminate competence)
Control (only removing the superficial layer of soil)

Seeding and soil raking
Control (only soil raking)

We replicate all the plots three times in the area.

To eliminate the effect of natural propagule dispersion in the area and the cross-contamination between seeded plots and controls, we settled two 50x50 squares covered with a fabric that let the sun and rain pass, but not small objects such as seeds. This, will allow to evaluate if germination comes from inside (soil seed bank or seeding) or it is due to propagule dispersion.