On April, 12 together with six volunteers from the CESLA company including the chief surveyor we put up on the trees 3 nest boxes for common goldeneyes and 3 kentboxes for bats along the existing water pond on the Pechurki quarry. Volunteers participated in the choosing suitable places and trees for boxes, helped in transportation of boxes through the forest and lifting and putting up of boxes to the trees at high of 4-5 meters.
For placing duck and bat boxes we chose trees growing close to the water pond. We placed the boxes in way that allows common goldeneyes and bats freely approach the entrance of their new houses: approximately 5-10 meters of space without obstacles in front of box.
We are grateful to the company and CESLA volunteer team for the help! Spring is coming in North-West Russia, so together we will wait and monitor how animals will occupy artificial nest boxes on the Pechurki quarry.