The river Váh elicited its subsoil, deepened the flowing stream until the settled northern valley of the Bytčian basin, passing over the hills into the mountains on both sides. The axis of the area forms a wide river level, sharply bounded by the edges of river terraces. The meandering stream created a blind channel and saved numerous islands with humid meadows and impenetrable floodplain forests.
Already in the 12th century, the first long-distance trails developed, creating small market settlements. Initial finds belong to the late Bronze Age. Thus, Predmier is one of the oldest settlements in the region.
The localization and the urban structure are based on the geomorphological situation. People searched for the valley for favorable climate, terrain and soil conditions and easy accessibility.
The historic central market is surrounded by the houses of the small town situated on a low river terrace at the edge of a vast floodplain. A man started to cultivate the land, pastures were developing on the slopes. Hard grasslands were gradually dissected. The clear valley of the Váh was occupied and the landscape was given a cultural character.