On Wednesday, the 25th of April, Izmir Cakabey Schools technical team, in company with our supervisor Assoc. Prof. Dr. Serdar Gökhan Şenol and Duygu Bozyel went to Canakkale Bozalan Clay Quarry and successfully completed the field application of our project.

They brought along the necessary materials and equipment. They bought a plastic can that has a volume of 1000 liters and placed it on the field in order to provide the watering for ensuring the adherence and germination of the seeds and seedlings. They also placed pipes to make sure the drop irrigation system works efficiently.

In order to prevent goats from grazing on ou plants, spesifically locust and pine, they have surrounded the area with wires. The bought seeds and seedlings were planted with great care and the felt for vertical gardening was fixated to the terraces using iron wires. The felts were filled with fertile soil and medicinal Mediterranean plants were planted.

Lastly, our plants were watered for the first time. Necessary arrangements for the irrigation system to work problem-free were made. With the great support of the factory official Mr. Volkan ÇAM, our field work is now successfully completed.