Water management
At present, the construction of water works on the Váh was built along the river to the west drainage "Vážský" canal, which also has an energetic function. Nearly all water is drained through this channel and there is minimal flow in the old channel. Despite these measures, the issue of floods for the countryside and people is still a problem issue.
Gravel extraction
Throughout the length of the river, the areas for gravel and sand are abundantly distributed. River deposits in the area contain gravel deposited in the form of river accumulations of the predominantly quaternary period.
Industrial Areas
Around the compact settlement of old place, impenetrable areas of production and assembly companies are beginning to grow into the landscape of the floodplain.
The „Povážská“ valley copied two main and frequented transport axes of national importance: the D1 motorway and the railway line No. 120.
Landscape use
In current land-use predominant built-up, other, water and forest areas over agricultural crops. Dominate extensive lanes, then private gardens and fruit orchards dominate here.