We went to Kunda on 7th of June, just one day after we had all successfully defended our bachelor theses. We started our trip to Kunda as usual, very early in the morning. When we arrived in Kunda we had a meeting with the jury member, Dr Carolyn Jewell and also the other Estonian team. We both got an opportunity to introduce our project and Carolyn gave us both great advice. After the meeting we visited all three Kunda Nordic's quarries, had a lovely lunch in Aru-Lõuna quarry and then finally got to visit our experimental patches.
As it can be seen from the pictures, there were some signs of life on the patches. We were quite worried because it had not rained in Estonia for weeks, because it was the warmest spring in Estonia in decades, so it was hard for the seeds to sprout. But some of them still managed to do it. We could also still see the seeds that had not sprouted. We are planning to visit the quarry again in some weeks to see the progress. We have our fingers crossed to finally see the rain and lots of new plants!