A series of meetings with educational presentations for pupils and teachers finished in one of the schools of the Pridneprovsk, which is located on the outskirts of the city Dnipro near the Rybalsky quarry. Classes at school No. 98 were held together with the geography teacher Lyudmila Udod, who is also a member of our project. This time, we were pleasantly surprised by the knowledge of some students in the history and archeology of their native land. The prospect of studying the nature of the Rybalsky quarry intrigued children. It seems that the initial plan to conduct educational botanical excursions only for rural schools will now have to extend somewhat to the urban audience. After all, children from a large industrial city now have the opportunity to observe nature in a large quarry, which is a kind of powerful laboratory of natural processes. Only here on compact territory it is possible to trace all the diversity of ecosystems – from pioneer mineral substrates completely devoid of vegetation – to well-formed forest ecosystems.