The first botanical excursion in the framework of the project was held for children from Bashmachanska School. Natural wonders for the residents of the Bashmachki begin already in the village. Its streets extend along the small river Bashmachka, on the banks of which preserved virgin steppes and ravine forests, and in the floodplain – the meadows and small swamps. But we were most interested in geosites. The outcrops of the Ukrainian crystalline shield on the outskirts of the village of Bashmachka, along with the surrounding steppe slopes, turned out to be a natural reserve of wild flora. Both children and adults have already captured the variety of species and forms of wild plants from the very first steps of the excursion. Students, in turn, asked questions about plant names, and shared their knowledge about local traditional names. At the very rocks, which picturesquely hover over the channel of the rivulet Bashmachka, we found a very interesting group of rare lichens and mosses. Time has gone unnoticed, and hopefully it is not for the children, for which one should expressly thank the director of the school Natalia Viktorovna Shapoval and all the teachers who took part in our journey.