Our first excursion with children and teachers from Bashmachanska School to the local geosite turned out to be very productive. After processing the results of observations of all students, a general list of plant species has been compiled, which in total amounts to 92 species! Typical steppe plants are predominant (such as Festuca valesiaca, Koeleria macrantha, Linum hirsutum & Linum tenuifolium, Astragalus ponticus, Salvia tesqucila & Salvia nutans, etc.). Although a few, but typical for the rocks are petrophilic (stone-loving) species, such as Sedum acre and Sedum ruprechtii. Near a small spring is found thickets of Carex cuprina. A notable role in the formation of the geosite vegetation is played by the shrub species – Spiraea hypericifolia, Prunus stepposa, Rosa spsp. It is noteworthy that there are a lot of young trees on the site (Quercus robur, Pyrus communis, Acer negundo), which can testify to the onset of woody vegetation on the grassy steppe. Weed species, although present, but occupy a very small proportion in the main part of the investigated area. Each participant of the tour independently recorded from 15 to 30 species of plants.