Artificial nests for common goldeneyes and bats were established on the Pechurki quarry in April 2018. In May we checked the nests for the first time, but they were uninhabited. We checked nests on 22 Lune again. Nests for ducks were checked by using video camera that was attached to the long wood thin branch and entered to nest. Wood nests for bats were checked visually from the ground via holes in nest's bottom.
All small houses for insects that we placed on the quarry during our last visit (end of May), were found in good condition. They have started to fill by live insects and also spiders in one of them.
We hope that nests will be inhabited by ducks and bats in future spring when animals will notice and observe it. Some houses for insects could be refilled by new material and placed to areas where orchids are growing on the quarry.