Even today, Bagroviska play a significant role in the life (not only) of the local population. Many are accustomed to walk their dog there, stroll along the shore with children or catch fish. Swimming is forbidden here and due to steep lakeside it is also dangerous. Nevertheless, there are adventurers, both locals and from afar, who know about spots suitable for swimming in hot summer days. If one does not want to go home yet, they can decide to make a fire and sleep on the shore of Bagroviska. None of these uses is allowed because the place is still a mining site. However, the attempts for regulation by the mining company have not been successful for years. As a counterargument, the locals sometimes say that before the purchase the land belonged to them and therefore the place should also serve their use. Can space of Bagroviska (or similar gravel pit) be adapted to different interests of various groups of users? Will there be any room for nature left? And is it possible to follow the security measures at the same time?