Yesterday we went to Aru-Lõuna, the weather was unusually hot and sunny again. When we saw our patches, we were positively surprised. Conditions haven't been contributory for the seeds to sprout, but nevertheless we saw multiple meadow species and there was even a noticeable difference between the patches. Patches, where we added seeds and soil with mycorrhiza and only seeds, had more extensive vegetation cover and it looked to us that there were some different species compared to the patch where we added only soil and to the one we left just the way it was. Patch area was also different from the surrounding dry meadow, but the species are to found elsewhere in the Aru-Lõuna quarry, as it has high plant species richness at the moment.

The most enjoyable for us was to see huge amount of bees and pollinators on our patches, collecting nectar from the flowering plants. We even saw two swallowtails (Papilio machaon) flying there, butterfly of the year 2018 in Estonia!

In the picture you can see a clear transition line between two patches. On the left there is a patch where we put seeds and soil and on the right the one where we added nothing.

Trifolium coverage was clearly larger on patch with seeds and soil, compared to the other ones.