As our main purpose was to raise awareness, we decided to involve the people in the quarry as they, as well, are part of the local community. This is where we met Mr. Nelu. As we were struggling to get our informative panels placed into the rough stone, Mr. Nelu came to our help with a shovel and, in no time, we had our very first panel placed at one of the highest points in the quarry.
We decided to place it there because it is an area populated by vipers and lizards and the trail is frequently used by the quarry’s employees and shepherds.
As for our second panel, we picked the crossroads at the entrance of the quarry as the location. The reason we wanted to place it there is because it is used by both quarry employees and locals who live in Pestera community. Furthermore the road connecting the quarry to Pestera is also used by people who are travelling to Valisoara or Bradu. As a result, many people have access to this informative panel.
The panel briefly presents for everyone’s understanding the differences between the venomous snakes and non-venomous snakes that can be found in the region. Our purpose is to inform the people about how to react when they encounter these reptiles, such as a viper, as most people often kill them.