Children study at the school, situated in Sertolovo - the city close to St. Petersburg, and implement various ecological studies as additional school activities. At the first visit to the quarry, they carried out the study of orchids and insects. At this time they chose lichens as objects for research. They described and collected lichens from the certain number of trees. Lichens from other substrates, such as ground, limestone, dead wood and even old tires have been collected also.
Samples of lichens will be sent to Botanical Institute in St. Petersburg for approvement of right identification.
During the visit, our team was searching for suitable places to establish information boards about orchids, insects and birds of the quarry. While walk on the quarry we noticed rare for our region bird species - the Great egret (Ardea alba). This species listed in the Red Book of Russia with status "least concerned". The interesting thing is so that the Great egret firstly was observed in the Leningrad region just few years ago. Local ornithologists consider that the Great egret spreads it areal to the North because of climate change. The Great egret followed us for the whole day and it seems that it was watching out for us. While the territory of the quarry is closed for people, animals may feel safe itself.