Slantsy district is remote, industrial and less abandoned region in Russia, total area of region is 219,000 ha. Population nowadays decreasing because of emigration of young people to big Russian cities. Nevertheless, industrial development of the territory (quarries, factories, plants) remains stable. Nowadays there is plan of regional authority to locate 3 big industrial zones in Slantsy district, one of them allocated for utilization, conservation of litter and hazardous substances (according to data from Land use plan of the Leningrad region and interview of the head of the Slantsy district). But the state nature protection system almost is absence in the region: there are no any protected areas, only some restriction for human activities along the rivers and water reservoirs. 5 nature protected areas with total size of 27 thousand ha are planned to be organized here in far future (approximately till 2030).
Cooperation with local and regional authorities, attraction of local communities attention, communication with environmental bodies - future steps that can be implemented to provide support and protection of biodiversity on the target area.
Link to Land use plan (in Russian)
Link to the Slantsy district’s head interview