In the area of the Bytča-Predmier sand-gravel pits, our team has combined methods and approaches of social, natural and landscape sciences. Interdisciplinary approach allowed us to interconnect interests and needs of natural ecosystems with those of various stakeholders. We have been looking for ways to endorse biodiversity in the locality and also for its potential contribution to the local community.
From the perspective of social sciences, we have been dealing with conflicts regarding the land-use and the responsibilities. We were also interested in narratives—sometimes rather myths—about the local lake. In the biological part, we examined local fauna and flora in their relation to the environment. Mainly we focused on the protection of large colonies of sand martin and on the restoration of amphibian habitats. For amphibians, especially the keeping of the reeds seems to be of essential importance. We also identified various invasive species and proposed steps to deal with them. Our landscape architect focused on the property rights and on the restoration activities to date.
Interdisciplinary synthesis developed a comprehensive map of opportunities, that combines both human and natural interests. Among several proposed measures, sand martin observatory, beach, bird island, wetland bush restoration, floating islands, or loose shorelines can be mentioned.