This is memorable day for all of us, we thank the founder of the Quarry Life Award the Heidelberg Cement Group, organizers at the country level the Tanzania Portland Cement Company -Twiga Cement, the whole management and staff at Twiga cement, the national and international jury, coordinator from Twiga Cement and our colleagues that participated in the QLA 2018. It's hard to have all names here that in one way or another made a great contribution to this achievement, but the following names come to our list Mr Magoda and Hamisi from Twiga Cement company, the former is coordinator who tirelessly guided and facilitated our work, the second is the security and safety officer who ave us series of talks to make sure that we worked safely in the quarry and indeed we were safe to the end. Mr Stéphane Rivière international jury came down to Wazo hill quary saw our work and gave word of encouragement, Dr. Henry Ndangalasi and Mr Leonard Gastory national jury that assessed us and helped us to stay focused on our work. Our fellow participants Mbonea, Fadhili, Japhet, Sylvia and Nancy were encouraging and friendly during the whole time of the project. Lastly we thanks our institutes Tanzania Wildlife Research Institute and the University of Dodoma for moral support. We thank all people and those whose names are not listed here and this remain to be special and memorable to us.