1 Million tons of limestone have been extracted annually from the Ladik limestone quarry. The mining area has 247,75 Ha. and the mining land is forestal area. There is a 5 Ha. rehabilitation and tree plantation area in the run out of mine area and the lowest elevated part of the quarry. In this area, more than 5000 pine trees have been planted. The nearest village which is İskaniye, 1km. far from the quarry site.

Habitat, flora ve fauna açıklaması: 

Limestone quarry is in the lback sea region. However, it is in the interior territories and with high altitude mountains like Akdağ. Therefore continental climate conditions are occurring. Winter is cold and snowy, springs with heavy rains and summer season is cool. A wide variety of flora and fauna around the region can be seen.  Maples, thickets, meadows, larches and pine trees are the main flora. Hawk Birds, salamander, frogs, bees, hedgehogs, grasshoppers, rabbits, rocky mouses, wild boars are the main types of animal species around the region.